8 Bit Folding Game Console

Model number TYZJ-002
Type Controller
Hardware Famicom

A cute folding plug & play Famiclone. No idea who made it.


It comes in the kind of blister packaging that you need to cut open to get into - the chain with the little tag on it is a nice touch though. (sorry about the flash, it's reflective as hell)


This unit has a Contra design, but the original listing showed one with coloured spots which I liked way better ):

Weird hardware quirks

  • The AV cable uses a Mini USB connector to connect to the console.
  • There's no power switch - the power is always on when the AV cable is connected. There's a warning sticker on the packaging about this.
  • After powering on, it doesn't seem to work properly until you reset it.
  • Which, by the way, is done using the L button.


It has a 76 in 1 "Fun Time" menu, very similar to many other Famiclone plug & play systems like the Power Player and its descendants, and the game selection is largely similar to those consoles too - there's Contra, Karateka labelled as Tekken, and a bunch of the usual early-gen Famicom games.

Super Mario Bros has "improved" graphics resembling later Mario games - I assume this is probably derived from one of the many fan-made romhacks of this nature, but I'm not sure which one. There are also a few Nice Code games scattered in there (Hallihoo, Coastguard, Firebase and First Defender), and Sachen's Glommy Chess towards the end.

Idle speculation about the manufacturer

I can't find anything referencing the model number TYZJ-002 online, but TYZJ-001 refers to a 16-bit Wii clone. That console seems to have been listed variously by Zhongtian Electronic Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Yuyuanxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen Youmaike Technology Co., Ltd. But they all seem more like generic game accessory export companies, so it's quite possible that none of them have might have been originally responsible for it.