Type Handheld
Hardware Unknown handheld hardware
Brand BL
Alternate names Digiking ZL-853

Another 1.8"-screen handheld using the unknown low-resolution hardware, much like the BaoBaoLong BBL-380.

This one has 203 games, including most of those found on the BBL-380 (although Local Tyrant isn't here, and Where to Go loses its sampled title theme) plus a few more.

The menu can be displayed in either Chinese or English, unlike previous iterations which only had single-language menus depending on where they were sold.

The one I have is actually packaged as a Digiking ZL-853, but the console itself seems to be identical to the BL version, and the menu background has "BL" scrolling through it, so I would suspect BL's is the original.

An earlier version with basically the same design (colour variations aside) and 68 games was known as the BL-806 or BL-806C. The PCB of my 606 still reads "BL-806-V3.0 2013-12-17"

Box (Digiking ZL-853)


disclaimer: the buttons are upside down in this picture, because i put them back on upside down after disassembling it :( it normally has the same button layout+orientation as the playstation line