Digital Pocket Hand Held System Model 9801

Type Handheld
Hardware Famicom
Manufacturer Huachang Electronics Factory

A Famiclone handheld, dated late 2018 on its PCB, probably appeared on the market starting from 2019.

A Model 9802 exists in a different design. These two seem to be the first Famiclone-based consoles from this manufacturer.

Its 400 in 1 built-in ROM (really 313 games with repeats) appears identical to previously released handhelds copying the Retro FC design, often with "Sup" printed on them. I don't think this manufacturer had anything to do with those. Here's an video showing the full game list from one of them. Basically you get about 30 larger NES games, then a whole buttload of smaller ones, then another buttload of Nice Code games, and then it repeats.


It comes in one of those flappy kinds of boxes that lets you peek at the console inside without opening it. Scandalous.

Aside from the console, the box also contains a USB cable, extremely cheap USB charger, AV cable, and an instruction sheet which seems to be largely copied from some "PVP Game" system with diagrams of the 9801 and 9802 substituted in.

I didn't take a photo of the sides, but the only extra thing there is a set of checkboxes for red, light blue, dark blue and black variants of the console. All of those colours were actually produced, as you can see in this listing.


The console's design seems largely original, although it resembles the previous Model 8718 from the same company.

It has AV out and USB charging (it comes with a BL-5C battery but also supports AAAs), but doesn't seem to support a second player controller connected to the MicroUSB port.

Unfortunately it has a 3-level volume button instead of a volume wheel, and its audio output is missing the triangle channel, a common affliction of contemporary Famiclone handhelds. But aside from that the audio is good quality, with no distortion.

Image quality on the screen is also good, it's most likely 320x240, meaning it matches the NES' resolution exactly on the vertical and has some fairly unobtrusive soft scaling on the horizontal.


The Chinese-language menu has music while the English one doesn't. If you hold down A+B at boot it has the "Aaronix" test screen which has become fairly common for Famiclones recently.

Full video:

Game list

400 in 1 handheld game list.ods