DreamGEAR My Arcade Portable

Model number DGUN-2573
Type Handheld
Hardware VT368
Manufacturer Jungletac
Distributor dreamGEAR
Brand dreamGEAR

To give it its full name: dreamGEAR My Arcade Portable Video Game System (with 220 Video Games). One of DreamGEAR's recent forays into the handheld market, after many years focusing on plug-&-plays only (well, that and their main game accessory business, obv)


DreamGear Portable 220.jpg

The console was designed by dreamGEAR themselves (in fact by their current Director of Product Design, Michael Ponce, who posted his designs for it on Behance) rather than simply being a rebranded Jungletac design.

Sadly the D-pad is pretty awful - not sure if it's just my unit, but the right direction is very unresponsive. Also the start button is completely redundant; most current Jungletac consoles don't have one, so their software doesn't make use of it, and here it just duplicates the A button.

It's the same hardware as the Reactor 120 in 1 among other recent Jungletac handhelds; supposedly this is VT368, so let's go with that.


Naturally, most/all of the games from the Reactor are here, along with a few more VT368-native ones. But from game 141 onwards, Jungletac's old NES games make a return! (or whatever their slightly-enhanced-NES hardware was - VT09?)

So it would appear the VT368 hardware is backwards compatible with NES and VT09(?), similarly to the BL-826A - maybe that's VT368 too?


There's a 140-game variation too with a graphical menu (video here), and one called Gamer V with the same design and game count, but which (if the screenshots on the box are correct) comes with Nice Code VT03 games rather than Jungletac stuff.

Self-test menu

As with just about everything else Jungletac made, you can hold A&B when powering on to access a test menu. This gives the version as BBE03E7D.