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Welcome to 12bit Notepad! (formerly Super Multi Notes) (36 in 1 no repeats)

This is designed to be a supplement for my blog 12bit Blog, where I (taizou) can document interesting things I find that I may not have the time or inclination to do in-depth blog posts about (which I rarely do, to be honest). Much like the blog, its focus is intended to be unusual, unknown and undocumented video games and consoles from China and Taiwan - all-in-one handheld consoles, plug & plays, multicarts, unlicensed games, stuff like that.

It's set up as a wiki, but only I can edit anything - the wiki format was really just chosen as a convenient way for me to quickly gather my own notes and pictures and whatnot and share them with the world. (If you're after a proper user-editable wiki on related subjects, give BootlegGames Wiki a try.)

All original content here is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, so you can reuse it elsewhere as long as you credit the source - see Project:Copyrights for more details.