Probably the most popular Famiclone brand in China, and also a well known name in Russia among other places. Currently the Subor brand name is scattered among several different Chinese companies.

Zhongshan Subor Educational Electronics Co., Ltd (former website: was the main game-console-making incarnation during the 2000s and 2010s. They were quite closely tied to Waixing, who handled most (if not all) of the software side of things, as well as selling their own branded versions of Subor consoles. Today, the Educational Electronics division seems to have been closed or spun-off, possibly into Waixing's ownership.

In the mid-2010s, Subor licensed the name out to other console companies, including Toycenter, who proceeded to apply the Subor brand name to various non-Subor-made handheld consoles bundled with pirated NES games. These licenses were later revoked to "clean" the brand in preparation for the ambitious "Z+" console project (which ultimately failed).

As of 2021, most Subor-branded game consoles come from Subor Intelligent Technology, although they mostly appear to be manufactured by other companies. Waixing games have recently made a reappearance on some of these devices.