Retro Station Pocket System GB-60

Type Handheld
Hardware Unknown VT-series
Manufacturer Company "N"

A VT-series handheld, uses high-colour mode for its menus, but only has NES games built in so effectively it's a Famiclone. Looks almost exactly like a GBA.



Very closely based on the GBA in design, albeit lacking any kind of cartridge slot. The L and R buttons act as turbo A and B respectively, and a Reset button replaces Select.

Charges over MicroUSB and has a Nokia-style BL-5C battery.

Despite stating "Support external gamepad double against" on the box, it doesn't seem to work with the MicroUSB-connector controllers I have, and lacking a select button would be unable to select the 2-player mode in most games anyway.

The seal on this unit is dated 2019.